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Our Process

We finish what we start and support our clients all the way. Our process is what defines us and helps us deliver a superior customer experience every time.

Planning & Design

You don’t want to worry that you’ve called the wrong company when the integrity of your house is concerned.  Sound Concepts has over a decade’s experience installing high-end electronics.  Our work has been featured in numerous national media publications and we consistently receive new awards and accolades.  In short, we have the knowledge and skill to get it done right the first time.

The planning and design phases should be begun as early into the building phase as possible.   This can be done with a simple phone call or a personal meeting for more complex jobs.  Sound Concepts incorporates a 17,000sq/ft state-of-the-art showroom that showcases all the latest products for a hands-on demonstration.  Experience the difference with Sound Concepts.


Installation incorporates three phases which can be completed separately or consecutively depending on your schedule of events.

  • Prewire (Rough In) – The prewire or “rough-in” phase ensures your home is ready for any components you may want to add. It’s best done as soon as framing is complete. Many times this can be relatively inexpensive option to “future-proof” your home for later additions.
  • Second Phase – The second phase involves anything to be installed before paint and finish are completed. This allows any speakers or other equipment to be placed into the walls or ceiling without damaging finishing details.
  • Top Out – The final phase consists of adding the final touches to your new system. Controllers, receivers, amps, etc. are added to your storage space or “rack”. Televisions are mounted and wired. Programming and testing of all components are completed now as well. You’ll enjoy the “white-glove” treatment as your system comes to life!


Experience the difference with Sound Concepts. 

By far the most difficult task for any integrator is to finish the job.  It takes a very certain skill set to ensure all components not only work together, but function in a way that makes sense to you: the user.  After all, that’s the point.  Our systems are designed to make your life easier.  Period.

A huge portion of achieving that goal is customer training and support.  We’ll make sure you know how to use every feature of your new devices.  This training is critical for maximizing your new system’s operating potential and ease of use.  And though our systems are designed to be extremely user-friendly, you can rest assured in knowing that Sound Concepts will be here to answer any questions you may have, now and in the future.

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