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Interior Lighting

Interior lighting control transforms a good design into a truly amazing design. Whole-home lighting offers security and energy efficiency, as well as convenience benefits. With a single button press of the remote control, the curtains close, cinema screen drops, and the lights dim – all from the comfort of your armchair.

Ever realize a light is on, just as you’ve gotten into bed? Ever struggle to keep unnecessary lights off with children in the home? How about just wish there were an easier way than flicking every switch? Each of these cases becomes a “non-issue” with automated lighting control from Sound Concepts. You’ll relish the ability to adjust every light in the house, while never leaving your own personal comfort zone.

Safety features are numerous as well. Hear a noise? Turn on a light without putting your or your family in any more danger. Lights can be turned on while away to give the appearance of an occupied home. Set any of these schedules to fit your lifestyle.

Imagine being able to change a room’s entire mood with one press of a button. Instantly adjust the amount of ambient light, modify shading, and reduce glare any time of the day with illumination systems from Sound Concepts.

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