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Home Theater Systems

Delight in the ultimate in-home movie experience. Today’s home theater systems offer more capabilities than ever before – all with the ease of one-touch complete control.

In many cases, current theater integrations allow for an experience that far surpasses your local cinema. Projectors are now capable of streaming content in 4k, providing the clearest picture to date. You’ll see things that were previously unnoticeable, completely immersing you into the experience. You truly have to see it to believe it.

Home theater audio solutions now also leave nothing to be desired. Current advancements such as the new Dolby Atmos are capable of treating every sound you hear as its own unique event. The sounds can then be manipulated in any direction to mimic real sound shapes and movements. The experience literally comes from all around you.

Set the mood in your theater with custom lighting and furniture. Sound Concepts installs only the finest quality amenities to set the stage. With the ability to control it all with one control interface, your theater will be your family’s favorite room in the house.

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