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Stop searching for the correct remote control! Today’s home media systems have more options on more components, and it seems there’s always something to adjust. It simply doesn’t make sense to have a separate remote for each function anymore.

Distributed video allows you to enjoy multiple video sources throughout your entire home, all playing from one centralized location. You can now have the ability to control cable/satellite, DVD/Blu-ray, and internet streaming services from one dedicated control interface, transforming your couch into the ultimate viewing platform.

With a home media system from Sound Concepts, each family member can watch exactly what they want to, wherever they choose. There’s no limit to the amount of areas or “zones” that can be added. And each have the ability to view every source you desire, without the need to store separate boxes in every room.

Ultra HD and 4k content have revolutionized the way we interact with our favorite movies and programs. Today’s televisions are larger, while at the same time being much thinner and lighter, opening infinite possibilities to tastefully wall-mount while hiding wires. Systems are now capable of storing all your discs and media in your “rack”, tucked tastefully into a closet of your choice.

When it comes to video, if you can imagine it, Sound Concepts can make it happen. Give us a call to discuss your plans!

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