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Commercial Services

Create the ideal environment for your place of business and make a huge impact on your customers and venders the moment they step in your door. When only professionalism will do, call a professional.


Business media implementation is the key to rounding out the professional image you’ve worked so hard to create.  And customers today don’t just enjoy these amenities, they expect them.  Adorning your place of work with digital signage, mood music, and custom lighting sets the stage for a great impression every time.

Digital Signage

Get your message across with digital signage solutions from Sound Concepts.  Digital signage is ideal for displaying critical information in centralized locations.  They also enhance your customers experience while helping build your brand.  Many clients even sell advertisement space on rotating, automated schedules.   


Commercial audio installation is a great way to set your business apart from the rest.  Speakers are tastefully installed inside the wall and painted to match your décor. Stream music for your entire building from the same source, or let employees listen to what they choose. Control it all from one centralized location.

Commercial Automation

Automating systems in your business makes sense for a lot of reasons.  Efficiencies in the workplace can be greatly enhanced while also protecting your employees and investment.  Our state-of-the-art business automation packages put you on the cutting edge of systems control.

Access Control

Access Control provides the ultimate security for your business.  With Sound Concepts you can easily restrict the flow of traffic at any location.  When coupled with your automation system, you’ll be able to view not only when a gate was accessed, but who entered or exited as well.  Sleep tight with access control from Sound Concepts.

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