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At Sound Concepts we offer only the finest brands of equipment.  So whether you are looking for a specific piece to fit into your system, or simply want to browse the vast options of gear and new technology, we have you covered.  Click on the logos for direct links to the manufacturer’s website.



This type of speaker blends in with the surroundings and décor.  Architectural speakers are a popular choice for whole home audio systems where you want to hear music but don’t want to necessarily notice the speaker.  By choosing this style there are near endless possibilities for placement and style to match your needs and taste.


When sound quality is the most important feature then this is the speaker style for you.  While this style may have many different shapes and sizes they all have one thing in common, an enclosure.  Variations include floor standing towers, bookshelf, table top, satellite and yes even speakers shaped like rocks.

Video Displays


Today’s HDTV options include LCD, Plasma, LED, OLED, etc.  With resolution options ranging from 720p to 4k and beyond.  TV’s are not only video displays these days they also are nerve centers for all sorts of internet connected services.


For the true home theater experience the only way to go is with a projector. With the ability to create crystal clear HD video images from as small as 80” to well over 200” there is nothing better for a movie buff than a projector. Pass the popcorn please!


Control Systems

If you are wanting a “smart home” or if you are just looking for a simplified way to control all of your gear there is no better way to get this done than with a custom integrated control system.  Custom tailored to your lifestyle… How can it get any better?

AV Receivers

These are the backbone of most surround sound systems.  They process the audio and video inputs and distribute the video to the video displays as well as send power for the speakers to produce sound.


This is a broad category of components that includes preamplifiers and amplifiers generally. These are ideal for that client who wants the best performance and highest quality possible out of their system.

Video Playback

From as simple as playing a blu ray disc to as elaborate as having a movie server in your home these are the components that supply the video displays content.

Audio Playback

Who doesn’t love music? The best part is that today there are so many mediums and ways to listen to your favorite tracks. From internet streaming sources to a throwback turntable we have got you covered on audio sources.

Wireless Audio Playback

This is for those who truly want to listen to their music “Unplugged”, literally!! So grab your smartphone or tablet. There’s a world of music out there waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

High-End Furniture and Decor

For examples of high-end home furnishings to round out your home, click the link below.

High-End Home Furniture

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